Clear Vision Housing Mission

Housing Mission - Defined

Clear Vision Housing Mission is a division of Clear Vision Real Estate, LLC.

Clear Vision Housing Mission works to provide affordable housing opportunities to families and individuals in need through the generosity of supporters and donors, and through the increasing availability of affordably priced homes in the current market. Our aim is to be a bridge that brings the opportunity of homeownership closer to needy families and individuals.

Clear Vision Housing Mission is committed to using every opportunity available to extend homeownership to every deserving individual. Unfortunately, life's circumstances do not always dole out opportunities fairly, and the school of life and hard knocks often take their toll before one learns what the word "responsibility" actually means. Many of our program participants have found themselves victims of uncontrolable circumstances that have negatively impacted their ability to own a home, or have found themselves learning the hard way how important proper money management is and having to live with the far reaching results of their previous wrong choices no longer practiced.

Clear Vision Housing Mission's goal is to work one on one with those who can demonstrate a true need and the responsibility necessary to ensure the trust earned will not be abused. Through money management training programs, home ownership training programs, and affordable home ownership or rental opportunites as properties come availabe in the program, Clear Vision Housing Mission is changing lives.

Will yours be next?

Please contact us at 386-688-3651 for more information or to fill out an application.

God Bless!